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A-LEAF leads towards more sustainability on the road


Have you wondered if A-LEAF has changed its fleet of cars recently? If so, the answer is yes. Consultants from A-LEAF are now driving hybrid cars when visiting our customers’ premises.

There are multiple reasons to why we have replaced our fleet of cars with hybrid cars”, says CEO Anders Grimstrup-Larsen. “On a daily basis we support and enhance the development of sustainable energy through On- & Offshore Wind. In order to match A-LEAF’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambitions, we also want to represent sustainability on the road”.

Anders Grimstrup-Larsen continues: “Our goal is to support a sustainable future by driving a fleet of hybrid cars – and in time, also fully electrical cars. Our customers depend on the high flexibility of our consultants and our ability to drive long distances at the same time. Therefore, hybrid cars is one of many steps for us, but represents a giant leap for our global, sustainable environment. We want to contribute actively and positively to a more sustainable future for all of us”.


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