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Welding & Steel Engineers for Offshore & Infrastructure Projects

We are experts in Welding & Heavy Steel and have combined our know-how from some of the best specialist in the industry, from all parts of the globe.

ISO 9001-Certified Welding Engineering & Training

We provide know-how, training, supervision and inspection within the highest standards of welding, through IWE, IWS and IWI-certified engineers.

Rolling Engineering

Steel plate rolling is a highly specialized profession, if you want to do it right. At A-LEAF we can support you organization with know-how consulting, training and supervision to ensure that your production complies with highly required standards.


Complex support, testing, & analysis to ensure correct steel compounds for all environments and loads, as well as failure diagnostics.

Support from some of the best Welding & Steel Specialists in the industry.

We can provide support for your projects on a global scale, with regional office in Asia, Africa and Europe. It is important for us to provide a high level of flexibility and availability to secure the success of all of our customers' projects.

Read our cases to learn more on how we ensure the success of customers's projects.

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Welding & Steel Engineering?

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