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Project Management Services

We secure projects in all parts of the world

Choosing the right people to manage your project or sub-projects is vital for ensuring an effective time schedule, as well as avoiding expensive delays and flaws. At A-LEAF we can support your organization with our know-how from all parts of the globe towards On- & Offshore Wind, Foundations and Infrastructure Projects.

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We provide specific qualifications within all parts of Project Management or we can provide your organization with an entire project team, to ensure optimal conditions for the success of your projects.

Project Lead

Full-scale Project Management, including the carrying out of large goals, communicated down properly to all stakeholders. Ensuring a full project overview and effective delegation of subtasks throughout the entire supply-chain.

Contract Management

Thorough review and negotiation of the overall project contract and subcontracts made with all stakeholders. Provided by specialists qualified within International Standards.

Sourcing Management 

Ensure that you have the right suppliers and sub-suppliers for your project. An important aspect to ensure, that the suppliers you choose have the right comptences, capacity and quality standards to manufacture your required components, and as well can comply with timely delivery.

Fabrication Management

Ensure effective operating costs and lead time for the fabrication of all heavy steel components such as Towers, Jacket Foundations, Monoplies and Sub-components.

Site & Commissioning Management 

Effective commissioning, supervision and management towards all technical work on site. Skilled and experienced Site Managers gain the respect from workers on site and ensure that progress runs smoothly.

Package Management

Place the responsibility for the entire project package in the hands of someone that understands and can create an overview of the connection and relations between different sub-projects. Effective Package Management works as an extra set of eyes on all sub-projects, with focus on overall project progress, with support to the Project Lead,

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