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Danish consultancy firm to boost growth from Esbjerg

A-LEAF Specialized Consulting is a lead provider of know-how and specialists for the On- & Offshore Wind Industry and infrastructure projects- A-LEAF is now expanding their activities by their opening of a new department in Esbjerg.

With its 50 specialists spanning large parts of the world and offices in India, Egypt and Taiwan, their focus is now setting on a location termed Denmark’s ‘Offshore Wind Capital’ by A-LEAF founder and CEO, Anders Grimstrup-Larsen – which is Esbjerg, Denmark.

– During the next decade, Esbjerg will be taking the lead when it comes to offshore wind activities and the development of the Danish Government’s energy islands. Of course we must continue to support this venture. Over the past few years, we have worked on quite a number of major jobs in Esbjerg and now we want to make a firmer footprint on the area by being close to those of our the clients who are also based in the Offshore Wind Capital. Setting up in Esbjerg is clearly a strategic investment in the future which will continue the growth we have experienced during the past five years. This is the reason why we are now making an offensive effort to be present in Esbjerg from our own offices, explains Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

The first employee has already settled in at the new Esbjerg premises: Alice Pedersen who had her first day as Senior Sales & Tender Manager on 1 October. She will be responsible for expansion of A-LEAF’s activities from the Esbjerg office.

Headed by a local, quality-conscious woman

Alice Pedersen is a well-known character at Esbjerg harbour where she embarked on career in motion in 1983. According to Anders Grimstrup-Larsen she has the right profile precisely and will know how to meet A-LEAF’s high expectations in this new department.

– Alice Pedersen spans an impressive network comprising all of the offshore industry in Esbjerg and to top up she boasts the exact same virtues which we live by in this company, namely stability, credibility and an extremely high sense of quality which we apply to all of the jobs we undertake to do, says Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

Alice Pedersen comes from a position as Resources Manager with Semco Maritime, and prior to this she has held other positions, among these QA Manager with VIKING Life-Saving Equipment.

– Starting a new department from scratch is an exciting opportunity and I am sure there is plenty of room for A-LEAF’s specialists here in Esbjerg. There is an evident advantage in being a highly specialized consulting firm of a size that allows us a high degree of flexibility when working with the large players. We are now setting the work in motion to expand A-LEAF’s client portfolio here in Esbjerg which will enable also the staff at this location an opportunity to contribute to the overall growth of A-LEAF, adds Alice Pedersen.

As an example of a high priority area she points to the energy islands. Gaining a foothold when the Danish Government starts to establish the energy islands is a focal point.

– To us the energy islands are extremely fascinating. They will require precisely our fields of expertise which are offshore know-how and know-how about structural steel, emphasizes Alice Pedersen.

A-LEAF has rented premises with Esvagt at the address Nordre Dokkaj 7 at Esbjerg harbour, and the first workday at the new offices is 1 October 2020.



A-LEAF opens a department in Esbjerg on 1 October.

A-LEAF specializes in consulting services to the wind farm industry and for infrastructure projects

A-LEAF has its headquarters in Hammel just outside Aarhus, Denmark, and offices in the following countries: Taiwan, India and Egypt

A-LEAF counts 50 consultants today divided onto four country offices and carries out jobs in Taiwan, Vietnam, Egypt, all of the EU and GB, among others

A-LEAF was founded in 2013 by Anders Grimstrup-Larsen


For further information, please contact:

Anders Grimstrup-Larsen. Founder and CEO.  Tel. +45 21 61 82 22. Mail:

Alice Pedersen, Senior Sales & Tender Manager. Tel. +45 51 23 66 61. Mail:

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