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This week we have the pleasure of introducing Lene as our new Head of Legal to the A-LEAF team.

Lene is well-experienced within Labor and Company law and has a strong passion for business-oriented HR and all legal stuff. Lene has a strong focus on the working environment and conditions for the employees.

Previously, she has worked within the public health Care system, in unions and employers’ association.

Lene holds a master’s degree in law and a Higher Diploma in management, together with various certificates.

Privately, Lene lives in Aarhus N with her husband in a united family. In her free time, Lene loves spending time with her horses, as they keep her grounded. Lene also spends time on social work when she enters the nightlife as a Night Hawk in the center of Aarhus.

We welcome Lene to our team and will be looking forward to working with her.